Appreciation of Treem & Leonardi (and Jeff Merrell!)

In my experience in teaching the course MSLOC 430 Creating and Sharing Knowledge, I have come to more deeply appreciate the first third of the course, where we explore different points of view about organizational knowledge, learning and technology. Here is the basic storyline of the course, in thirds: Let’s take a look at how […]

via How do we think about creating and sharing knowledge in organizations? — Jeff Merrell

Of the articles on #ESN that Jeff mentions in his post, the one by Treem and Leonardi (Social Media Use in Organizations Exploring the Affordances of Visibility, Editability, Persistence, and Association) is the one that stood out for me at the time, and has been boundlessly useful since I took the class. As my organization gradually  implements Yammer, I keep coming back to Treem and Leonardi to help people understand the value of enterprise social networks. I have based discussions, presentations, and internal blog posts on the foundation of those affordances analyzed in that article. People still struggle-“Tell me again why this is a good thing?”-but with a firm foundation I can answer those questions and help move people toward acceptance and utilization.

A long ways yet to go persuading colleagues, but it would be much, much longer without the solid foundation I received in my encounter with Treem and Leonardi in Jeff Merrell’s invigorating class.

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