Getting Organized for Blogging

My colleague Julia Salgado wrote yesterday about her challenges getting started with blogging, and what she wrote really resonated with me:

Conquering my fear of blogging. I am deathly afraid of it because quite frankly I feel like I have nothing important to say. Everyone who has something to say or share is already doing so on-line. That’s why I subscribe to blogs, to read their insights and gain knowledge!

via Conquering the Fear of Blogging — Designing for Organizational Effectiveness

I struggle too, and there always seems to be some excuse for me to de-prioritize writing, even though I know that I can surface content that will be useful for others. Following Julia’s lead (and her mentor’s!), I decided to go back to some notes I assembled this summer, both to jump-start my own writing, but also to share something that others might find useful.

Digging around on the web for articles about blog organization, I came across one that was particularly helpful. In his post , “How to Use Evernote as a Blogger” , Michael Hyatt lays out an extremely helpful template for assembling everything you need for a blog post:


Hyatt’s template helps assemble not just the resources, but the thinking that will go into a new blog post. Using his template as a foundation, I have been able to start planning out a few posts. But I have gone one step further, and used OneNote to start organizing not just the posts, but all the content on my ePortfolio site. I have stored the template there, as long as a putting templates in place under each of the categories for which I will be writing posts or pages:



This way, as I start to generate ideas, I can capture them, and use the template to start filling out some of the basics of what I will need to complete the post. Sadly, nothing there yet under Completed Posts, but now I will be able to move my Blog Idea: Blog Prep Templates into that column! Even though I do use Evernote, and like it very much for storing content, I think I am more likely to use OneNote for blog planning, as OneNote is has just a bit more organizational capability.

I hope my colleagues and readers might find these notes as useful as I found Julia’s post!


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